New Year, New Career?

For Those Considering a Career Change, Follow These Simple Steps

The beginning of a New Year is a perfect time to reflect back on the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the challenges, opportunities and goals for the New Year. But what if the work you are doing, or the role you are in is not a good fit for you and you quite frankly are not motivated to continue running on the same path. Maybe a different career or a job change is the answer for you.

If you are considering a new career in the New Year, here are five key steps you can take towards having a job that you really enjoy.

Step 1: Start with an assessment of yourself

What are you really good at doing, which activities do you enjoy doing the most, what are you not good at doing, which activities do you not enjoy doing, do you enjoy working with teams, do you enjoy your own work, do you prefer a busy or quiet environment, do you like interactions with others, are you a people person, are you service oriented… Most importantly though is be honest and objective with your self assessment.

Step 2: Identify the ideal role/company

Based on step 1, what are the benefits you bring and who needs those benefits, what type of organization, industry, role are you most suited for – what type of organizational culture best fits what you are looking for and your self assessment? Make a list of those roles and companies that would meet these criteria.

Step 3: Develop your Brand and learn about Marketing

If not versed in Marketing, learn about the basics of marketing and how to develop a Marketing Mindset, incorporate these into the development of your Personal Brand – after all this is all about you.

Step 4: Learn how to Network and How to Tell Your Story

Chances are the ideal role is not going to tap you on the shoulder and select you one day, you will need to get out and find it. Learning how to network and developing a Networking Mindset is a key to finding the right opportunity. This also involves learning how and when to tell your story.

Step 5: Learn the 4 Key Elements of Selling

Learning how to build relationships and trust, how to identify needs and how to position yourself as the right solution are ways to differentiate you from your competition seeking the same new career. Give yourself a quick rating on your sales aptitude then fill in the gaps.

These steps will not only get you started down a new career path, but will also provide you with the skills to find and deliver that right opportunity. Thinking about a new career is good, but thinking without action is dreaming. Taking action now is great timing. Interested in an Accountability Partner (read Career Coach) to make it happen, book a 20 minute call with me to learn about my program.

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