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How to Survive the Modern Sales Cycle

Today's blog article continues to build on engaging customers and selling in the Information Rich Digital World, it is an exerpt from my monthly newsletter. I hope you enjoy this article on Sales, Marketing, Customer Engagement, Digital Marketing and Internet Selling.

Sales cycle steps will always exist in one form or another, but the mechanism of their execution has changed. As more and more of the steps have moved online, the traditional roles of sales and marketing need to adapt to dealing with better informed customers who think they know the solution; today it’s often just a question of who is OK and cheapest.

Companies have made product information available over the Internet. That sounds great, but the Internet is an anonymous place, so you may no longer be able to identify prospects early.

How can you optimize your business for this new sales cycle?

  1. Interview your top salespeople and integrate their best practices into your content.
  2. Understand how your customers think about their business and what makes it tick then use your web presence to influence prospects early in the sales cycle.
  3. Become more adept at identifying prospects online.
  4. Integrate your online presence and your sales team seamlessly.
  5. Embrace new sales and marketing tools, such as Customer Relationship Management or "CRM" systems.
  6. Analyze your data and use it to formulate sound plans as you develop your overarching strategy.

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