A Simple Solution for Improving Your Business Odds of Success

Is Your Business Prepared to Survive and Thrive?

I made a quick Infographic to illustrate some data from the Bureau of Labor regarding the business failure rates of newly formed businesses with employees.

Many Business Owners feel as if they are entirely on their own out there as they build their businesses and navigate new challenges every day.

Why are some businesses able to successfully manage the challenges and rise beyond the first 5 year odds? Let’s ask some questions.

Do they have a unique, high demand product or service they provide?

Does the successful Business Owner work harder than the unsuccessful Business Owner?

Are they just luckier than the others?

The answers to these questions is probably not. All successful Business Owners and Leaders share a common trait, they know what they do well and they know what they do not do well and they surround themselves with talented individuals to supplement what they do not do well.

In many cases, within the first few years, Business Owners cannot afford to hire all of the talented individuals they need to be successful. So how do you overcome this gap within the first few years?

A proven methodology, as noted by Napoleon Hill, is by surrounding yourself with a group of individuals who are willing to lend wholehearted assistance in achieving your goals, also known as a Master Mind group.

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